To transport a batch of tram cars from the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) to the port of Alexandria (Egypt)


Expensive and oversized cargo with a large windage, structural elements of which limited the ways of fastening cars with maximum reliability. The specialists were given a complex task, which included: building the optimal route and choosing modes of transport, developing schemes and securing cargo on vehicles, as well as preparing documents for export clearance at customs and cargo insurance.


At the stage of ground transportation from Dnepr to Odessa, low loader trailers with air suspension were used to exclude cargo damage. The method of fastening into the girth of the cars created a risk of damage to the plastic elements of the lining, so taking into account the wishes of the Client, an alternative fastening scheme using reinforced coupling belts, lanyards and cables for the car frame was developed, this eliminated the risk of tipping sections of the tram on the Flat Rack platform. All fasteners were inspected for compliance with standards and requirements for the transportation of oversized cargo.

For the organization of sea transportation, the optimal route with a minimum number of transshipments in transit ports was chosen. Transportation was carried out in the winter and was accompanied by difficult weather conditions, wind and sea waves, so the possibility of placing containers in the hold of the vessel, and not on the deck, was agreed with the sea line, this eliminated the risk of cargo damage.