Safe driving

To increase the safety of cargo transportation, Garant Group has introduced a safe driving system that improves driving skills and minimizes the risks of emergencies.

Statistics confirm that the human factor is the main cause of road accidents. Safe Driving Technology is an automated system that:

  • monitors traffic conditions, actions of other road users and markings;
  • notifies of traffic signs;
  • monitors the actions of the driver and generates a report;
  • warns the driver of danger.

Studies conducted by international experts have shown that the use of this system reduces the risk of accidents by 70%. In addition, the developed technology significantly reduces depreciation costs, tire wear and fuel consumption, as a result of which we provide our customers with a more favorable cost of cargo transportation.

The safe driving system analyzes the route and behavior of the driver on the road, based on the following indicators:

  • HWM – violation of a safe distance;
  • violation of marking lines;
  • loss of attention or danger of collision;
  • sharp braking;
  • aggressive driving;
  • dangerous turns/overtaking.

Based on the data received:

  • we develop individual plans for advanced training of drivers who are trained and instructed;
  • a system of motivation and encouragement for drivers has been formed, which contributes to the professional growth of company employees;
  • developed criteria and requirements for the selection of drivers who undergo special testing.

This system allows you to ensure the safety of transported goods and minimize the impact of the human factor on the transportation process.