The GPS lock from the Mul-T-Lock brand is a tool for complete control and safety of cargo. The Garant Group company uses this device when organizing the transportation of valuable and expensive goods to provide additional security. The company’s customers are always aware of the location and safety of the goods.

Control of cargo transportation is carried out using a program or SMS notifications, which indicate events and coordinates:

  • opening/closing;
  • breakdown;
  • vibration that occurs when cutting the arc of the castle;
  • temperature increase when the lock is heated;
  • blows to the castle;
  • GPS device crash;
  • breaking or biting the castle arc.

Transportation of goods using a GPS lock allows you to:

  • track cargo in real time;
  • control the movement of vehicles along a given route;
  • eliminate the risk of theft of goods.

A GPS device transmits data regardless of prevailing weather conditions, distance and transportation methods.