We will provide a full range of services for the organization of sea container shipping and tramp transportation by specialized turnkey vessels and will free you from additional questions:
  • develop an optimal route and build a logistics chain;
  • we will select and charter the necessary vessel;
  • carry out forwarding in the ports of the Black and Azov Seas;
  • organize loading and unloading operations in ports;
  • carry out customs clearance and execute accompanying documents;
  • accumulate ship lots in the port and ensure safe custody;
  • we insure cargo on optimal conditions in leading companies.
Which vessels do we operate:
  • container ships;
  • bulk carriers;
  • tankers;
  • ferries;

With a small volume, we consolidate and deliver the cargo as a part of the cargo (Part of the cargo), which will reduce your transportation costs.


Our liability is insured by Allianz.


Leave a request and get the optimal cost and terms of delivery of your cargo.