Customs brokerage services

Customs clearance, an important stage in the organization of international transport. Errors made during clearance lead to cargo delays, confiscations and additional financial expenses.

Garant Group provides a full range of services for customs clearance / declaration of goods in Ukraine and other countries.


For 11 years, we have studied all the features of processing various types of goods and guarantee unimpeded passage of customs formalities in the shortest possible time.

Let’s complete the “turnkey” customs clearance:
  • prepare the documents necessary for customs clearance;
  • provide a calculation of customs payments;
  • fill in the cargo customs declaration;
  • we will select the product codes in UKT FEA;
  • we will advise on issues of foreign economic activity;
  • we will receive certificates and other permits for the goods;
  • arrange cargo in various customs regimes (import, export, transit);
  • protect the interests of the Client in the customs and other state permitting services of Ukraine.
Leave a request and get the optimal cost and terms of registration of your cargo.