To transport an aircraft engine from the city of Kiev (Ukraine) to the port of Luanda (Angola)


The client addressed the problem of incorrectly organized transportation. The forwarding company, which undertook the obligation to transport the cargo, did not take into account all the possible risks and did not correctly develop the route, which led to downtime, cargo blocking at the port and additional financial costs. The dual-use aircraft engine was loaded into a container, went through customs clearance and prepared for transportation to Angola. But the shipping line, the ship of which was chartered, refused to load the aircraft engine on board the vessel because of fear of an embargo at the transit port of transshipment in Istanbul (Turkey), since anti-government rallies were held there at the time of transportation. In order to organize the transportation of such goods, in addition to professional skills, logisticians must have geopolitical knowledge in order to avoid embargoes, arrests and confiscations of goods. The second problem was that the cargo was loaded and secured in a container without taking into account the displaced center of gravity, which increased the risks of damage during transportation.


After analyzing the situation, experts developed an optimal route taking into account the geopolitical situation. To do this, we changed the shipping line, developed a fastening scheme, and reloaded the cargo into the appropriate container equipment, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo. Changes in customs declarations were also agreed and implemented. The cargo was delivered on time and budget.