The MarineTraffic map is an interactive map of tracking the position of any vessel in real time. With its help, you can see where the vessel is currently with your cargo and track the current stage of transportation.

You do not need technical skills to use the card, you just need to know the name of your vessel or the port in which it is located.

Information on using the MarineTraffic card:


  • on the “Search” tab, you can enter the name of the vessel or port to highlight on the map the object you need
  • you can also go to different sea zones by selecting them on the “Search” tab


  • using filters, you can filter only the vessels of interest to you on the map by type, as well as see how they are graphically marked on the map
  • this tab also contains a filter for the current state of the vessel, whether it is anchored or in transit


  • on the layers tab, you can add additional icons to the map, such as ship names, estimated course, ports, stations, lights, and signs.
  • also on this tab you can choose the type of map