Oversized and project transportation

We deliver oversized and project cargoes in Ukraine, the countries of Europe, the CIS and anywhere in the world on a turn-key basis and free you from additional questions:
  • we will determine the optimal route and type of transport (auto / railway / sea or mixed option);
  • we select the rolling stock;
  • we plan the project transportation taking into account the architecture and features of the object, delivery time, distance;
  • calculate the project budget;
  • we will develop and coordinate schemes for packaging, marking, securing and loading cargo;
  • we will fix the cargo using modern materials that meet the standards;
  • draw up all the accompanying documents for the carriage of goods;
  • we will provide comprehensive customs clearance;
  • we insure the cargo under optimal conditions in leading companies.
Goods transported:
  • agricultural machinery and equipment;
  • tracked vehicles;
  • equipment for the mining industry;
  • special equipment and spare parts for it;
  • barrels, tanks and coils;
  • construction machinery and equipment;
  • industrial equipment and power plants;
  • mobile structures and structures.


Project cargo transportation – a set of measures related to the organization of transportation of super-heavy-oversized cargo. The project transportation department of the company consists of engineers with more than 10 years of experience in project logistics.

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