Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics, reliable warehouses with a guarantee of safe storage

Warehouse logistics occupies one of the key roles in the modern business, especially in the sphere of trade. Partnership between market participants implies the need not only to transport goods, but also to store them in appropriate conditions. Garant Group provides its customers with warehouse services, using both its infrastructure elements and partner ones.

Warehouse solutions that provide competitive advantages

Using more than 20 objects of warehouse infrastructure in Ukraine, and having more than 150 warehouse complexes of partners in Asia, Europe and America, we provide quality storage services for your goods in modern warehouses of both indoor and outdoor storage. Our warehouse facilities are able to accept any type of transport with the technological capability of handling all types of cargo. Experienced warehouse staff can provide the following services:

  • storage of goods in modern warehouses, indoor and outdoor
  • packing and repacking of goods, as well as marking
  • loading and unloading, stowing and transshipment of cargoes
  • the formation of a comprehensive report on the status of the goods (photo report, counting the number, evaluation of the external condition of the goods)
  • climate control and selection of conditions for storage of dangerous goods
  • 24-hour security, including armed
  • liability and risk insurance

We are also ready to provide complete information support in the form of reports on balances and storage, reports on the status of goods, as well as specialized reports in accordance with your requirements. All warehouses are provided with enhanced security measures for valuable and expensive cargo.

Cargo storage with the help of our company will allow you to avoid the costs of maintaining your own storage facilities. We take full responsibility for the storage of your goods. All work is carried out qualitatively and carefully with observance of necessary conditions.