Cargo delivery

Secure delivery of cargo on a turnkey basis from China, Turkey, the USA and Europe

The company sees real prospects for cooperation of Ukrainian entrepreneurs and world producers, therefore, for the convenience of our Customers, we have developed a service for delivery of goods weighing from 50 kilograms “on a turn-key basis”.

This service allows satisfying the needs of our Customers. You will be able to fully concentrate on other tasks, being sure of a positive result, when you trust us with a full cycle of cares for acquiring goods.

In our turn, we:

  • will redeem goods from a supplier (online store);
  • will make photo and video fixation for the purpose of checking for operability;
  • will issue export and permit documents in the exporting country;
  • will insure the cargo;
  • we organize transportation by the optimal kind of transport;
  • will carry out customs clearance of cargo on the territory of Ukraine;
  • will deliver the goods to the address indicated by you.

Delivery by any kind of transport

Our company has 10 years of experience in organization of Cargo services – cargo delivery from China, Europe, Turkey and the United States, which allows us to select the best solution based on objectives of our Customers.

Depending on specifics of your business and personal wishes, volume of cargo and terms of delivery, the team of our specialists:

1) Organizes transportation by the most suitable kind of transport:

  • automotive;
  • marine;
  • air;
  • railway.

2) Develops a route with minimal financial and time costs and minimizes possible risks.

The price of complex delivery with customs clearance


Each of the above mentioned modes of transport has several advantages:

  • transportation by sea is the most budgetary, however, with the greatest transit time;
  • the main advantage of air transport can safely be called a high speed of delivery, but its cost is relatively high; as a rule, this type of transportation is used for transportation of valuable, small, urgent and perishable goods;
  • automotive transport is by right mobile and universal in the matter of land delivery;
  • railway transport is a clear example of the optimal combination of price and delivery time.

Customs clearance of cargo

Customs brokers of our company have many years of experience of interaction with controlling authorities. Our specialists have all the subtleties of cargo registration, which enables our Customers to get best prices and to exclude a possible delay in delivery.

We will take care of all paper procedures, and we will also receive permits and accompanying documents, thereby saving your time and money. We will provide you with the most complete turnkey service without your participation.

Storaging services

The Garant Group company has a wide network of warehouses in China, Europe, Turkey and the USA. This makes it possible to store, repackage and consolidate cargo if necessary. In addition, we can independently take the cargo from the supplier or get it directly at our warehouse for further shipment to Ukraine.

Settlement with counterparty

Our company can negotiate with the supplier and make a payment from both individuals. persons, FLP, LLC, and from other organizational and legal forms of management. Now you do not need to open accounts in foreign currency, control the rate and its conversion, because all our mutual settlement issues are ready to be taken over by our company.

Checking goods and their packaging

Employees of the company in China and the USA:

  • check the integrity of packaging and performance of your goods;
  • if necessary, provide photo and video recording of main functional purposes of the goods;
  • will calculate the quantity of goods, since our direct duty is delivering the goods exactly on time and in the required quantity;

Redemption of goods from Internet sites

Found the right good on Aliexpress, Ebay or Amazon, but do not trust risky delivery services? Then contact us, because the Garant Group company can independently redeem goods and deliver it to the desired point with minimal financial and time costs.

Our service of checking goods before shipping will allow you to be sure of authenticity of cargo and will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Risks associated with delivery of goods from other countries are high enough. In order to avoid unpleasant situations concerning transportation, it is necessary to choose a reliable partner who understands specifics of an industry and has all the necessary competencies.

Correctly chosen partner is a guarantee that cargo will arrive to you intact, safe and on time.