Transportation of complicated cargoes

Transportation of oversize and complex cargo
For successful delivery of oversize and complex cargo to its destination, transportation of complex cargo requires coordinated work of professionals both on journey and in office. When transporting oversize cargo, you need clear planning, concentration and experience. Logisticians should look much farther than in case of normal cargo transportation, and always assess potential risks. Project work on specific tasks is an extremely complex process that requires considerable experience and interaction of employees of different directions.
Transportation of dangerous cargo

Sometimes our Customers need to transport dangerous substances, including explosives, radioactive and toxic materials. Loss or damage of such cargo causes huge losses as it can damage not only financial stability of cargo owner, but also the environment.

Transportation of such cargo requires the carrier to have special permits, markings and special equipment. Fulfillment of all these requirements guarantees complete safety of cargo and its protection from environmental influences. Customs clearance of dangerous cargo also has a specific nature, understanding of which is necessary for successful organization of import-export activities.

Responsible shipping of valuable and expensive cargo

It should be noted that transportation of particularly valuable, fragile and expensive cargo, which require special attention or additional security measures, also requires special attention and additional safety measures. This cargo includes:

  • antiquities
  • exhibition pieces
  • Concepts and prototypes of devices and cars
  • Jewelry
  • luxury items
  • products made of fragile materials (glass, crystal)
  • and others

For such cargo, special fastening technologies, inside locations, and, if necessary, escort by armed guards, are used. For especially valuable pieces and exhibition items, a separate environment is formed with observance of necessary temperature mode or sufficient level of illumination.

During operation years, the Garant Group company has formed a team of professionals with competence in transportation of complex and valuable cargo. For you we will organize a comprehensive service that includes:

  • selection of a driver with relevant experience, depending on the task;
  • development of an optimally safe shipping route;
  • planning of stop and refueling places;
  • compilation of necessary documents for cargo and coordination of transportation with control authorities;
  • selection of the necessary vehicle depending on characteristics of cargo and transportation route;
  • organization of cargo labeling and installation of additional warning elements;
  • fastening of cargo to rolling stock;
  • cargo insurance and provision of armed protection;
  • attraction of public services for cargo escort if necessary;
  • Organization of reloading on various kinds of transport in case of application of combined transportations.

This complex of services will allow safe transportation of complex cargo both inside and outside a country. Our qualified staff will take care of all organizational issues, which will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Carrying out project tasks, our logistics specialists have developed necessary skills and knowledge, which allows us to organize complex transportation successfully. Non-standard logistical challenges form a unique industry experience that helps us to develop and guarantee improvement of quality of our services.