Transportation of complicated cargoes

Transportation of oversized, extra heavy and dangerous cargoes
For successful delivery of cargo to its destination, the transportation of complex cargo requires the coordinated work of professionals both in the journey and in the office. When transporting oversize cargo, you need clear planning, concentration and experience. Logisticians should look much farther than with normal cargo transportation, and always assess potential risks.
Professional transportation of complex cargo

Modern logistics is not always amenable to standardization. Sometimes our Customers need to move extremely complex, often oversize cargo, mechanisms and structures as well as hazardous substances, including explosive, radioactive and toxic materials. In some cases, carriage of cargo by road tankers is used. Difficult cargo also includes cargo of dual purpose, military equipment and piece cargo requiring special or additional fastening measures. To such cargoes we apply an individual approach, developing a complex of measures for each specific request.

Each country has its own requirements for shipment. For organization of transportation of complex cargoes it is necessary to know both technical and legal norms of countries through which transportation takes place. Load norms, legislative conditions, road performance characteristics – all these factors can lead to significant fines or even confiscation of the entire cargo without a sufficient understanding of the process.

The Garant Group company has formed a team of professionals with competence in transportation of complex cargo for years of work. For you we will organize a comprehensive service that includes:

  • selection of a driver with relevant experience, depending on the task;
  • development of an optimal route, which includes both main and secondary roads depending on the cargo;
  • planning of stop and refueling places;
  • registration of necessary documents for cargo and coordination of transportation with local authorities;
  • selection of the required kind of transport in accordance with the task;
  • organization of cargo labeling and installation of additional warning elements;
  • fastening of cargo to rolling stock;
  • cargo insurance and provision of armed protection;
  • attraction of public services for cargo escort if necessary;
  • organization of reloading on various kinds of transport in case of application of combined transportations.

This complex of services will allow safe transportation of complex cargo both inside the country and outside it. Our qualified staff will take care of all organizational issues, which will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

We carry out complex tasks and are proud of our “trophies” in the form of successfully completed complex shipments. Non-standard logistical challenges form a unique industry experience that helps us to develop and guarantee improvement of the quality of our services.