International shipping

Sea transportation is the most economical type of cargo transportation. The ability to cover long distances, the ability to transport 20 thousand 20-foot containers or up to 400 thousand tons of bulk or general cargo – all this allows maritime transport to occupy a leading position in the international logistics market.

International transportation by sea through the ports of the Black and Azov Seas

Sea cargo transportation is profitable, first of all, from the financial point of view, since transportation by sea is much cheaper than the cost of transportation by other kinds of transport, and a wide choice of vessels allows transporting practically all types of cargo.

The Garant Group focused its activity in the sphere of sea transportation on concluding most beneficial contracts with all container lines represented in Ukraine. This allows us not only to maintain a high level of service, but also to offer most competitive rates for sea freight.

Our company can organize for you both container sea transportation, and charter a part or the whole specialized vessel depending on cargo characteristics.

This complex of services includes:

  • organization of container or tramp services;
  • transportation of loose, bulk, piece, oversize cargo;
  • intra-port forwarding, customs clearance and insurance of freight;
  • provision of a complex of logistics services for a multimodal scheme for transport of cargo “from door to door”;
  • loading and stuffing of cargo in a container, including collective cargo from several recipients or senders;
  • accumulation of ship parties in a port and their further transportation.

We are aware that your cargo has not only a price, but also value. Therefore, the Garant Group company did everything to ensure that you did not think about risks of theft when you sent your goods, and were sure that all risks were minimized. Using proven technical and organizational technologies, we guarantee safety of transportation and bear full financial responsibility for cargo delivered.