Railway transportation

International railway transportation

The developed network of railways in Ukraine allows direct cargo railway transportation to Belarus, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Moreover, our railway networks are a part of the pan-European railway, which allows us to carry out rail services to various countries in Europe and Asia. For example, rail transport from China, so in demand at the moment, is becoming more accessible.

Railway transportation in covered wagons and gondola cars

Development of functionality of rail cargo transportation is based on various types of wagons used, as well as on development of the railway infrastructure.

At the moment, the different track width of Ukrainian and European railways complicates the direct transportation of cargo. However, development of overload technology, as well as use of universal containers for various types of cargo, can reduce time and cost of shipping. Aiming at innovation and providing full control along the way, allowed the Garant Group company to establish itself as a reliable and responsible forwarder in the field of railway transport.

Railway transport is suitable for absolutely all types of cargo: bulk, general, liquid, dangerous or oversize one. Such flexibility is ensured by a wide choice of types of wagons, including covered wagons and gondola cars, refrigerators, cisterns, etc. Numerous border and internal terminals allow the use of rail transport in combination with the automobile one. This scheme is possible by transfer of cargo, while the process is carefully monitored by our specialists. Correctly planned multimodal transportation will make it possible to optimize the route both in the sense of terms of transportation and the cost of transportation.

When using services of the Garant Group company, you can send and receive your cargo from Europe, CIS, Asia, etc. Having extensive experience in organizing rail transportation, our logistics specialists provide following services:

  • rail transportation of any cargo, as well as containers;
  • accumulation of cargo batches for shipment;
  • rail transportation of bulky cargo and equipment using railway platforms;
  • transportation of dangerous cargo;
  • registration of transport documentation, control of location and condition of cargo;
  • cargo insurance;
  • Railway forwarding.

Trusting us with your cargo, you can be assured of its safety and security, because we appreciate trust of our Customers and we are doing our best to form long-term partnership relations