Port forwarding

Freight forwarding in ports of Ukraine

Intra-port forwarding is a rather complex service complex requiring maximum attention and extensive experience. Experts of the Garant Group company could develop not only their competence in this area during their work, but also to establish close business relations with the port and customs services. The accumulated knowledge base, monitoring of legislation and formation of a consistent methodology of work allow us to optimize absolutely all processes of freight forwarding in ports.

Intra-port cargo forwarding for international cargo transportation

Recently, the level of cargo control by customs services of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies and other government agencies, has increased. In this regard, length of processing documents for transport in ports of Ukraine has increased significantly. The frequency of inspections, weighing or scanning cargo in various ports can reach up to 90% of total cargo flow, which carries certain financial risks for cargo owners.  (see note).

Garant Group’s freight forwarders work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The purpose of our work is full control as well as defending rights and interests of our Customers in places of cargo registration. Our service includes a full range of forwarding and consists of following services:

  • customs clearance of all types of customs regime (import, export, transit, etc.);
  • registration of bulk and general cargo, as well as cargo carried in containers;
  • clearance of dangerous goods according to the ADR and the UN classifier;
  • provision of loading/unloading on board of a vessel;
  • organization of cargo storage in a protected warehouse areas of a port;
  • registration of documentation for shipment under legislation of Ukraine and rules established in a port;
  • transshipment of cargoes for various modes of transport with the purpose of sending separately taken batches to several recipients, and also stuffing in containers;
  • conduct sampling of cargo for the purpose of certification, laboratory studies and to obtain information about quality of goods arrived, and also, depending on requirements for cargo, undergoing of such types of control as:

— sanitary-epidemiological;

— veterinary and sanitary;

— phytosanitary;

— ecological;

— radiological.

  • full support of inspection as well as other forms of control by customs and other authorities with video recording of the process for subsequent provision of the video report to the Customer.

It is worthwhile to understand that customs services are often not aware of specificity of the cargo being transported, therefore, the human factor should not be ruled out. Thus, customs services in one of Ukrainian ports planned to conduct an X-ray scan of the photographic paper batch, which would lead to its immediate damage. This incident was prevented due to high competence and correct actions of the cargo forwarder.

Our company is accredited in customs authorities, and employees are regularly trained on issues of current regulatory framework, because it is the competence of the customer’s representative in a port to prevent undesirable risks.