Multimodal cargo transportation

Transportation by sea, rail, automotive and air transport

Multimodal transportation is the best way to reduce the cost of transporting goods by combining different modes of transport. The choice of optimal routes is a key factor in reducing delivery time and the cost of transporting goods.

Signs of multimodal (intermodal) transportation are:

  • presence of one delivery operator from the initial to the final point of the route;
  • single through rate of freight;
  • unified responsibility for cargo and execution of the contract of transportation;
  • application of several modes of transport.
Multimodal transportation with consolidation of cargo

The Garant Group is a company with extensive experience in organizing transportation by all kinds of transport. This means that we can organize a multimodal transportation at a high level with a full range of additional services. In addition, the popularity of this type of transportation and availability of partner warehouses in all the leading countries of the world allows us to consolidate small cargo, which provides additional savings for our customers.

When organizing multimodal transportation of cargo outside the country (with export-import transactions), special features of customs clearance procedures, as well as transport legislation and commercial and legal aspects of transportation of countries on which the route of the cargo passes, are of significant importance. Also do not forget that the very specificity of multimodal cargo transportation implies a complex of loading and unloading operations. Our international logistics department and lawyers of foreign economic activity know all the legal aspects of those countries, on the territory of which the cargo will be transported.

It should be understood that transshipment of cargo is sometimes accompanied by its partial loss without careful control. Experts of the Garant Group control all stages of cargo movement, not allowing its ultimate shortage.

Anymore questions? Just address our specialists! Experienced logisticians will answer all your questions and build an optimal route that matches your financial resources.