Groupage cargo delivery

Delivery of assorted goods without additional financial costs

Delivery of assorted cargo is extremely demanded service in the modern world of business. This service is in demand when the Client needs to deliver a small consignment of cargo without having to charter the entire container or vehicle completely. This is especially true in the sphere of small and medium business, as well as when delivering goods to Ukraine from foreign online stores.

International delivery of modular cargo from 50 kg to 10 tons

Technically, the organization of transportation of composite cargo is more difficult than shipping a full container or vehicle. This is due to the fact that the design of consolidated cargo in different states differs, there is a need for warehouses for cargo consolidation, as well as the availability of appropriate marking on each individual product.

To optimize the costs of customers, Garant Group has a network of its own, as well as partner warehousing facilities in most countries of the world, where any type of cargo is consolidated. In the same warehouses, we, if it is necessary, carry out packaging and labeling of goods, which makes it easier to transport them and send them to the final recipient.

The main types of services provided by our company in the transportation of consolidated cargo:

  • picking the goods in the warehouse;
  • packing and marking of cargo;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation for export / import;
  • insurance of groupage cargo;
  • delivery from door to door.

Our company carries out transportation of modular cargoes of relatively small sizes, from 1 to 30 cubic meters and weighing from 50 kg to 10 tons. This allows Ukrainian companies to successfully conduct business with Chinese, European, Turkish, American and other partners. We know the needs of our Clients, therefore, the specialists of the company, depending on your time and financial wishes, will select the most optimal route and combination of modes of transport.

Our services are a part of the Clients business, therefore we daily make efforts to improve existing services and develop new ones, because the growth and increase in the production volumes of our Clients is our growth accordingly. Constantly improving our technical and human resources, we strive to make our cooperation has created broader prospects and new competitive advantages for your business in the market.