Free logistic audit

Economically sound conclusions

The key to success of any business is optimization of all the company’s work processes, caused by planned changes. As a rule, up to 30% of cost of production is the cost of logistics, so optimizing delivery of goods allows you to reduce these costs and make products more competitive in the market, which will enable your company to maximize profits.

On properly designed logistics of the company depends the following:

  • the cost of the product;
  • its presence in stock;
  • accessibility for and end user;
  • uninterrupted operation of production department;
  • work of trade units.

Through study of internal logistics processes, the company can determine the effectiveness of the procurement and marketing system. To find and eliminate all the shortcomings in the organization and functioning of logistics chain, as well as to improve business efficiency, you can order free logistical audit from us.

For more than 10 years the Garant Group company has been working effectively in the field of logistics, using land, sea and air transport. During this time, highly qualified employees acquired and applied a lot of knowledge and skills in practice of working in various fields of logistics.

Thanks to work with different types of transportation, we understand competitive advantages of each mode of transport, and also we are able to organize a system for combining them. Our specialists have a broad outlook and a range of skills, which qualitatively distinguishes them in the market of logistics services. Competence in the sphere of customs brokerage operations, financial and tax aspects, understanding of the forwarding process as a global unit – all this makes it possible to consider logistic operations in more detail and achieve maximum optimization of delivery.

For our Customers we:

  • will analyze initial data and build an efficient logistic chain;
  • will develop and also introduce new provisions and standards in the work of logistics;
  • rationalize frequency and volume of purchases;
  • will implement a more profitable system for delivery and movement of goods;
  • optimize delivery routes;
  • create a cargo control system in the process of moving;
  • will develop and form logistics concepts in order to optimize the company’s delivery routes;
  • will help to optimize business processes in the field of logistics.

To perform this service, we conclude a non-disclosure agreement and guarantee complete confidentiality of all provided data. Based on the information received, a detailed audit of logistics of your company will be conducted, as a result of which you will be given a detailed report on the current state of logistics and a plan for its optimization.

In order to improve the operation of your business, Garant Group’s employees will develop most profitable logistics chains and will result in a number of well-grounded arguments in favor of applying certain technologies in the field of cargo delivery.