Customs brokerage services

Customs brokerage services

Any foreign economic activity is in one way or another connected with the process of customs clearance of the goods. This process implies a rather complex set of measures, errors in which are unacceptable, since they can lead to a significant delay in the cargo or even to its confiscation. All this is complicated by the fact that each country has its own rules for cargo registration and customs clearance.

Customs clearance

The company Garant Group provides a full range of services for customs clearance / declaration of your goods on  the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Ten years of experience and a built-in business process for the provision of services allow us to simplify and accelerate customs procedures, and the competent receipt and filling of the necessary documents – guarantees unhindered passage of customs formalities.

Experienced brokers of Garant Group company provide a comprehensive service of customs clearance “on a turn-key basis” at border crossings and domestic terminals of the country. It includes:

  • preparation of all documents required for customs clearance of cargo
  • preliminary calculation of customs expenses
  • filling in the cargo customs declaration
  • selection of product codes in UKT VED
  • consulting on relevant legal issues and foreign trade activities in general
  • assistance of our specialists in obtaining various licenses, certificates and other supporting documents for the goods
  • customs clearance of goods in different customs regimes
  • representation of the Client’s interests in the customs authorities of Ukraine

In addition, our specialists will undertake communication with representatives of customs authorities in case of problems, and will do everything to prevent them.

Summing up, it should be said that the broker’s competence in various customs brokerage operations is extremely important. Errors in declarations, incorrect choice of the product code, ignorance of legislative requirements can lead to payment of extra duties and customs fees, which leads to significant financial losses on the part of the cargo owner.