Air Freight

International and domestic air transportation

Air transportation is the fastest way to transport goods to anywhere in the world. This kind of transport is actual for small, urgent, expensive, and also perishable cargoes.

Main advantages of this type of transportation include:

  • predictable delivery time;
  • possibility of moving cargo in small batches;
  • saving warehouse spaces;
  • delivery to location, which is difficult to access by another kind of transport.
Delivery of cargo by air “from warehouse to warehouse”

In an effort to provide customers with a high level of service, the Garant Group company has entered into partnership agreements with leading airlines, which make more than 40,000 flights around the world daily. This allows us to organize transportation of cargo to any point of the globe, regardless of complexity of a route. We also arrange air delivery of cargo to following areas for you:

  • China — Ukraine
  • USA — Ukraine
  • Ukraine — USA
  • China — USA

The experience of air transportation organization allowed the company to form a unique integrated service, which consists of such services as:

  • Consultation of specialists regarding all stages of transportation as well as optimization of specific delivery;
  • packing of cargo, ensuring optimal financial costs and maximum safety of cargo during transportation;
  • collection and formulation of customs documents for import, export or transit;
  • insurance of all risks and selection of an individual insurance plan;
  • forwarding of any types of cargo;
  • tracking all stages of air transportation as well as location of cargo, including the case of combined transport;
  • Consolidation of cargo at an airport.

Our range of services provides door-to-door delivery with several modes of transport, which guarantees application of most optimal and fastest cargo routes.

We totally focus on your wishes and provide a preliminary estimate of cost of services, taking into account possible additional costs, customs clearance, delivery time. Our experts will answer any questions regarding air transportation of various purposes and will pick up best options. Keeping confidentiality, we take full responsibility for your cargo from the time it is loaded till the time of delivery to a recipient.