Safety 24/7

Cargo transportation is a rather laborious process, which combines many aspects related to logistics operations and takes into account wishes of a Customer. New challenges of the logistics services market make it necessary to introduce innovative tools in the process of managing and ensuring safety of cargo transportation.

The Garant Group company uses advanced technologies to monitor movement of vehicles to ensure maximum safety of our customers’ cargo. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week your personal manager is in touch and is ready to provide detailed information about location and condition of your cargo at any time.

The goal of our company is delivery of the Customer’s cargo on time and in full safety, therefore we use revolutionary telematics technologies, thanks to which we carry out solution of a number of tasks such as:

  • In case of hijacking a vehicle, our employee will be able to quickly determine location of the vehicle. In the event of an emergency, the distress signal will be transmitted in a timely manner to the rescue service via the satellite monitoring system;
  • control of schedule of movement of goods. Newest technologies allow to carry out round-the-clock monitoring of cargo which includes automated accounting of delivery of goods and observation of movement along the set routes;
  • monitoring of traffic and cargo. It allows you to determine coordinates of a vehicle, the speed and direction of its movement, as well as provides an opportunity to track fuel consumption and other important parameters;
  • systematic analysis of statistics and regular optimization of routes. The collection of statistical data, such as the elapsed route, fuel consumption, speed mode allows you to determine the most profitable and safe way of transporting goods.

New technologies allow tracking of goods regardless of the type of transportation via which they are transported. We assign a personal manager for each of our customers who controls all stages of shipment and informs you of location of goods.

All cargo is important for us; therefore, we try to minimize all risks, so that our Customers are confident that their cargo is in safe hands.