Safe driving

Garant Group implemented a system called FleetSAFE. The best specialists of two Israeli brands Mobileye and Ituran worked on the development of this technology. The resulting system allows the driver to improve driving skills and prevent emergencies.

Statistics show that it is the human factor that is the main cause of emergencies on the roads. FleetSAFE technology is an absolutely automated system that:

  • monitors road markings;
  • tracks signs of traffic;
  • carries out the control of actions of the driver and forms the report;
  • supervises the actions of other road users;
  • warns the driver of the danger.

Studies conducted by international companies have shown that using this system reduces the risk of an accident by about 70%. In addition, “smart” technology allows you to significantly reduce depreciation costs, tire wear and fuel consumption by 100km. As a result, our client receives a lower shipping cost.

FleetSAFE analyzes the route and behavior of the driver on the road, based on the following indicators:

  • HWM – violation of safe distance;
  • violation of marking lines;
  • Loss of attention or danger of collision in a traffic jam/on the road;
  • severe braking;
  • aggressive acceleration / speeding;
  • dangerous turns/overtaking.

All of the above data are regularly collected and analyzed by a specialist of our company. Based on the indicators from the monthly report, all problem points are analyzed, after which our drivers are instructed to improve and adjust their driving skills.

The system of motivation and encouragement of drivers on the basis of these indicators allows us to form a team of experienced specialists, which significantly increases the security of delivery of goods. Our goal is not only the most favorable price for the Client, but also the maximum safety of the cargo in the process of its transportation.

The use of FleetSAFE technology allows:

  1. Constantly improve the skills of company drivers.
  2. Monitor the actions of drivers and analyze them.
  3. To select only highly professional drivers.
  4. Ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

Recruitment is optimized – each driver undergoes special testing, formed on the basis of clear criteria. This approach is a guarantee of the safe transportation of goods and ensures the minimal impact of the human factor directly on the transportation process itself.

safe driving