Our main task is to prevent and minimize all possible risks that may arise with cargo during transportation, storage and clearance. But if there was a problem, it is necessary to solve it with the help of insurance. Insurance should not just be an “umbrella”, but a powerful shield that allows you to reflect the greatest dangers. Unfortunately, wanting to cut costs, in companies often try to economize on insurance. Indeed, to insure against what can hardly happen even theoretically, it is not worth it, so we select the right insurance program for each transportation.

Garant Group takes care of the integrity of the goods being transported, therefore, without fail, insures its responsibility to the Customers. The safety of the delivered cargo is our first priority. For its implementation, we have signed contracts with the best insurance companies in Ukraine and Europe.

Highly qualified employees of our company will select an individual insurance program for each transportation, which will prevent all risks in relation to the cargo.

We offer:

  • personal approach to each customer;
  • profitable insurance conditions;
  • assistance in selecting an insurance program.

The terms of cargo insurance are selected on the basis of many factors, such as the characteristics of the cargo, the specifics of transportation, the type of transport used and the route of transportation. From the experience gained by our specialists over the years of the company’s work, we will show you what kind of insurance plan is right for you to minimize all risks and cut insurance costs.

Cargo insurance