The GPS-Lock from the well-known Mul-T-Lock brand is a way of complete cargo control and confidence in its safety. The Company Garant Group applies this innovative solution for organization of transportation of valuable and expensive cargoes in order to ensure their additional safety. With the help of this device, our Customers are always aware of location of goods and facts of authorized or unauthorized access to them.

The use of innovative technologies in the GPS lock guarantees the safety of the goods transported as well as notify of an unplanned opening of the lock in real-time moment.

Tracking transportation of goods can be in two ways, with the help of a special program or thanks to SMS notifications, in which following events and their coordinates will be indicated:

  • opening/closing;
  • malfunction;
  • vibration arising when cutting the arc of the lock;
  • increase in temperature indicators when the lock is heated;
  • impacts on the lock in case of its elimination by means of a hammer or sledgehammer;
  • fall of the GPS-device, for example, together with the gate;
  • the fact of breaking the lock, for example, via cutting the arc.
  • Transportation of goods with a GPS-lock has a number of undeniable advantages:
  • cargo tracking in real time;
  • control of the vehicle on which the cargo is located: If there is a deviation from the specified route, an SMS notification will be sent;
  • notification of unauthorized access to cargo. Having received a message about an unplanned opening, as well as burgling a container or a vehicle, our security service reacts promptly to the received data and takes appropriate actions, on which the safety of the goods directly depends.

The GPS device keeps track of the cargo data regardless of prevailing weather conditions, distance and transportation methods. This opens the possibility for Customers to control transportation of cargo, while our company bears full responsibility for its safety.

GPS-device keeps track of the cargo data regardless of prevailing weather conditions, distances and methods of transportation. This opens the possibility for our customers to control transportation of goods, while our company is fully responsible for safety of the goods.