Enhanced cargo protection

Reliability and timeliness of deliveries depend on success of any business. Transportation of elite and expensive cargoes requires special attention with mandatory provision of maximum safety level. The Garant Group cares about its customers, therefore puts safety of the goods transported above all.

In logistics, the service of cargo escort services is very popular. We offer our Customers to use this service, as it is an additional guarantee of safe and timely delivery of goods in full.

The main task of our company is an integrated approach to ensuring safety of cargo transportation. In addition, we:

  • develop a safe route taking into account location of police stations, guarded car parks;
  • provide protection of your cargo at all stages of its transportation;
  • we bear pecuniary responsibility for escorted goods.

To ensure safe transportation of particularly valuable goods, our company has concluded agreements with security companies in all regions of Ukraine. In their arsenal there is a modern special equipment, and agency staff have a high level of professional knowledge and skills, so the operational response team will provide a quick solution to a possible force majeure situation even in absence of armed escort. These measures allow you to respond to any abnormal situations quickly, which significantly increases safety of cargo transportation.

Transportation of high-value goods is carried out only by professional experienced drivers, who regularly attend trainings. Particular attention during training is paid to time and place of parking of vehicles, i. e. most cases of robbery and assault occur precisely during a long stop of a vehicle.

Any cargo entrusted to us is especially valuable for us, and 10 years of experience in organization of transportation allows us to take into account all details of safe transportation. The enhanced security service gives our Customers 100% confidence in safety of cargo.