Confidentiality during provision of services.

The Garant Group Company realizes that all information passed to us for organization of services is a commercial secret and its disclosure can damage the Customer’s activities both during the period of cooperation and after it. The secret of commercial operations is provided by high standards of information storage.

All employees of the Garant Group company undergo specialized training in information security, and then sign a data confidentiality agreement. This guarantees safety of information of all participants of the process. Collection, accumulation and use of your data in the company is minimized and is required solely for:

  • identifying industry specific features;
  • providing first-class logistics services;
  • accounting needs of your business.

Access to information of our Customers is available only to authorized employees of the company, who are working directly to solve your problems. We do not transfer data to any organizations other than those directly involved into provision of services as well as to relevant state authorities, if necessary. At the same time, data is transferred to the extent necessary to provide a certain service.

Main principles of work of our company are:

  • strict observance of trade secrets;
  • provision of guarantees for safety of all data on transactions of customers obtained by us.

Data storage

Transfer of Customer data occurs only through secure communication channels using reliable information exchange services. Constant monitoring of communication channels data from the company’s security staff allows us to prevent all threats of data leakage.

All commercial information of Customers is stored on secure servers located in Germany using SSH keys, SSL encryption and modern firewalls. Permanent file audit and intrusion detection system (IDS) allows you to prevent any information from being changed or received by external users.