Honesty. We are open and honest with respect to each other, the company, our partners, competitors and society. We put our money where our mouth is.

Leadership. We take the initiative and strive to be the best in everything we do. We set ambitious goals and bear personal responsibility for the result.

Mutual respect and trust. We respect ourselves and others; trusting each other’s professionalism together, we solve complex problems; we help our colleagues to be successful.

Winner’s mentality. We are positive and believe in success; we are not afraid of difficulties and develop professional competencies for effective solution of large-scale tasks.

We not only develop our business, but we are also a socially oriented company.


The main asset of the Garant Group company is a close-knit team of like-minded professionals with a high degree of responsibility for the Customer’s cargo, operating in a single coordinate system and constantly striving to improve quality of services, which guarantees our Customers accuracy, timeliness and responsible approach to any part of the logistics process.

With each of our Customers, whether it is a world-famous company or an organization that is just beginning its activity, we find mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, taking into account features and wishes for all types of cargo transportation as well as transportation of different scales: from delivery of assorted cargoes to delivery by ship parties.

Join number of our successful partners!


The main mission of the Garant Group company is to assist in competitiveness of our Customers by providing high-quality and affordable services. Our services are a part of the Customers business, so growth, increase in volumes and expansion of sales markets of our Customers gives an opportunity for growth for us.

We continuously improve our professionalism, introduce new technologies and improve quality of service, which allows us to reduce risks and optimize logistics costs of our partners, giving them the opportunity to discover and assimilate new product markets, which increases the export potential of our country and development of economy.


In regard to a State. We take an active part in development of Ukrainian economy, social stability and prosperity. We contribute to development of domestic enterprises through introduction of modern transport and logistics and information technologies, we provide competitive, reliable and timely logistics services to our Customers, thereby increasing efficiency of their activities in world markets and contributing to increased exports.

In regard to a Customer. Exceed expectations! We promote development of business through effective organization of logistics services on a long-term basis.

In regard to Partners. We build mutually beneficial long-term ties, respecting ethics of business relations, bear joint responsibility for organization of the process.

In regard to Staff. We provide best conditions for effective work as well as opportunities for professional and personal growth, self-realization. We develop corporate culture on the “family principle”, which is characterized by presence of a warm, friendly atmosphere within the team; heads of departments act as mentors, to which one can always seek advice.